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VPchat Shut Down

February 19, 2022

It's been 20 years since VPChat was launched, following the closure of Excite VPChat, but now it has come to an end.

The team at VPchat sincerely thanks all our long-time supporters!


The VPchat Team

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As our guest, you can chat in rooms for all ages and interests, customize your own avatar, compete in game ladders, and play our games: Backgammon, Acey Deucy, Spades, Yahtzee, Chess, Checkers and Battleship.

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Backgammon Download Backgammon
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Battleship Download Battleship
Yahtzee Download Yahtzee
Spades Download Spades
Acey Deucy Download Acey Deucy

Game Ladders provide rankings for members. Our robust Tournament system accommodates single elimination, double elimination, round robin, and Swiss rules for up to 256 players.

Chat Chits
Chat Chits are the currency of VPchat. You accrue Chits when you sign up for a new account, purchase an add-on, win a tournament or event.

If you like crossword puzzles, you’ll love Puzzler. Join us for some creative wordplay.

Trivial Chase
Think you know everything? Huh? Well then, prove it! Come on, I dare ya - prove it!

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