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yahtzee board

Rules for Yahtzee
Yahtzee is a game for four players or fewer, and can also be played alone.

The Playing Board
The playing board consists of a table divided into four columns (one for each player).

The first column is always your column, and the column of the person whose turn it is will be highlighted. If there are fewer than 4 players, the columns of missing players will remain empty.

Joining the Game
The first person to open the game is known as the 'Master'. Other players may join this game after it has been opened. However, as soon as the 'Master' starts the game no new players can join.

Throwing the Dice
The 'Master' starts the game and is then followed by the other players according to joining order. Columns of missing players will be skipped.

When it is your turn to play, press the 'Roll' button and the dice are rolled automatically.

After rolling the dice, you can choose to 'lock in' good dice results, and roll again, or roll again from the beginning.

You can roll the dice up to three times on each turn, and choose which dice you wish to lock in as your result. To lock in a dice, choose the relevant dice using your mouse. Locked dice will be displayed in 2D, while unlocked dice will be displayed in 3D. You have the option of changing your mind, unlocking dice and choosing dice again.

Choosing Categories
When you have rolled a dice and locked in a result, you must choose a category to enter in your result. This is done using your mouse. You can choose each category only once during a game. Available categories will be highlighted.

When you press the right mouse button in a category box, the points you have obtained in this category will be displayed.

Point System
The playing board is divided into two areas: the upper and lower sections.

In the upper section, the points you obtain consist of the total of all dice rolled in each particular category (ie. total number of ones, twos, threes etc...). If you obtain 63 points or more, you will receive a bonus of 35 points.

In the lower section, points are calculated differently:

3 of a kind - add total of all dice

4 of a kind - add total of all dice

Full House (3 die of the same number and 2 die of another number) - automatic total of 25 points

Small Straight (sequence of 4: eg. 2, 3,4,5) - automatic total of 30 points

Large Straight (sequence of 5: eg. 1,2,3,4,5) - automatic total of 40 points

Yahtzee (5 of a kind) - automatic total of 50 points

Chance - total score of all dice.

You can choose each category only once each game. However, if you throw a Yahtzee a second time (having already filled the Yahtzee category once), you may choose another category relating to your Yahtzee numbers (ie. all sixes, fives, etc...). In this case, you will receive the total points of of this category as well as 100 bonus points. If the category relating to your Yahtzee numbers is already filled, you must choose any category that is still empty, which will entitle you to a score of zero. You will nevertheless receive a bonus score of 100 for obtaining a Yahtzee result.

Once you have finished your turn, the turn immediately goes to the next player. If some players decide to leave the game, the turn goes automatically to the next player still in the game.

Communication Between Players
Players can watch the game's progress, since every player's icon is highlighted whilst they are having a turn. This also enables players to watch and comment via the VP 'Chat Box'.

End of Game
When all players have finished their turns, the points of each player is tallied and the best result is calculated.

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